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The Castle of Bellver is a fortress of Gothic style . It is situated around three kilometers from the city of Palma de Mallorca , on the island of Mallorca, Spain . It was worked toward the start of the fourteenth century by request of King Jaime II of Mallorca . It is situated on a slope 112 meters above ocean level, in a zone encompassed by timberland, from where you can see the city, the port, the Tramuntana mountains and the Pla de Mallorca ; indeed, its name originates from the antiquated Catalan chime veer, which signifies “delightful sight”. One of its quirks is that it is one of only a handful couple of mansions of all Europe of round arrangement, being the most established of these. At present has a place with the City of Palma, and it is the Museum of History of the city of Palma , so it is available to general society.


The fundamental piece of the fortress was worked by the planner Pere Salvà , who likewise worked in the Almudaina royal residence , with other ace developers in the vicinity of 1300 and 1311 for Jaime II . For its development, a significant part of the stone was separated from a buckle quarry of a similar mountain, under the stronghold, which has caused splits in the building. At the point when harder stone was required, it was brought from Portals Vells (Calviá) and Santañy.

The mansion at first played the private capacities for which it was worked, in the season of King James II, Sancho and Jaime III of Mallorca . It was additionally occupied by King Juan I of Aragón , escaping the torment that was assaulting the landmass ( 1394 ). In the seventeenth century it was the sporadic home of some emissaries. As a stronghold he likewise endured distinctive attacks. The first in the year 1343, amid the battle of reincorporation of the Kingdom of Mallorca to the Crown of Aragon, by Peter the Ceremonious ; the following, in the year 1391 , amid the rebel against the Call; and the last, the year 1521 , in which he endured the main ambush on their history, amid the resistance of the Germanias .

Bellver Castle

Bellver Castle Palma de Mallorca

In the nineteenth century , amid the War of Spanish Independence , of French detainees of the clash of Bailén , and, later, of political detainees, the first and the most popular of which was the priest Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos (1802-1808 ), who made the primary depiction of the palace and dispatched the principal designs and illustrations, and in addition a herbal and topographical portrayal of the encompassing pine backwoods, establishing with them the progressive development of legacy.

As of now in the twentieth century, with the coming of the Second Republic , the manor and its surroundings were surrendered to the City of Palma on the condition that it was expected for a historical center of old workmanship, as proposed from a similar town corridor. Amid the Civil War he recuperated his utilization of jail, securing up in the manor to 800 republican detainees, who were utilized as constrained work in the development of the present access street to the château.

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