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Benidorm is a city that exists in Alicante, and it is divided into two main beaches, Poniente Beach, and Levante Beach (of which I already spoke in another publication).

The Levante beach is smaller, but it is where the main clubs of Benidorm congregate, while the Poniente beach is almost twice that of Levante, it is not so fun, but you can enjoy more relaxation, residential areas , parks, and there is more space for tourists.

poniente and levante

Poniente and Levante beaches

This beach has a length of more than three kilometers, and is not only called the area of ​​sand and sea, but also the residential and tourist area that borders the sea.

Due to the great amount of things to see and what to do in Playa de Poniente, I am going to put the most important items divided into sections in order of appearance if we start at the beginning of Playa de Poniente. I hope you like it!


The area of ​​sand and sea is very long as I have written, and it is also quite wide , of all that I have seen with Murcia and Alicante, it is the largest beach I have been to now. Although the area of ​​sand is narrowing as you approach the end of the Poniente area.

In addition, it has areas of sunbeds and umbrellas for payment spread over several areas of the beach, playgrounds for children, goals for playing football on the beach and Volleyball networks. In summer there are also water play areas, with slides and other entertainment for older people, because to get to this area you have to swim a little. There are also street vendors of soft drinks, although they are very expensive, so I would recommend bringing your own drinks.

Poniente Beach

And, the last years, I saw that there is to do a water sport that consists in that you take a boat in a parachute and when the boat sails you rise in the parachute (I do not know the concrete name of this). I was left wanting to do it, since it cost 80 euros per person, or 100 euros if there were two. If you want to hire this activity or other water activities, you have to go to the end of Poniente Beach, where there is a set of tourist information booths, just below where the viewpoint is located (I’ll talk about it later).

There are also tourist excursions by boat, which can be hired in these huts, and go to the Benidorm Island, or along the coast of Alicante passing through Altea and Denia. They are very popular with tourists.

Hotel Bali

The skyline of Benidorm is crowned by two large and tall buildings, which are the most striking of Benidorm, and are very famous, not only in Benidorm, but throughout Spain.

The Gran  Hotel Balí is famous because it is the highest hotel in Europe, and because it was the tallest building in Spain until it was surpassed by the Espacio tower (which is located in Madrid) in 2006.

Bali Hotel Benidorm

The hotel is 186 meters high , has 52 floors in total and is classified as four stars.

Two curiosities of this hotel is that it hosts an annual stair climbing race, and that base jump is also made from it.

I’m very fond of this building, because I used to go to Benidorm a lot, and I remember when they were building it, every year I went further but it seemed that they were never going to finish it. And just when they finished it, a relative bought a house right next door, so I had the pleasure of admiring him during my holiday periods in Benidorm, as well as making the typical attempt to get on his elevator without being caught, since It was allowed if you were a client of the hotel, although it was worth it.

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