Spanish Windmills

Enjoy a Romantic Getaway to Spain Tour. Most Spanish windmills, like those described in Cervantes‘s Don Quixote, can be found in the community of Castilla-La Mancha in central Spain. The best examples of restored Spanish windmills may be found in Consuegra where several mills spike the hill just outside town, giving a view of the 12th-century castle and of the town. The castle was once a stronghold when Consuegra was the seat and priory of the Knights of San Juan, the Spanish branch of the Knight’s Hospitallers of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Windmills are also located in Mota del Cuervo, Tomelloso, and Campo de Criptana.

Located on a hill where the castle of Consuegra also sits , there are currently eleven mills that were used in the past to grind wheat to obtain flour.

Each one with its own name, with names that recall the names of the bulls, such as, for example, Clavileño , Espartero, Chispas , Cardeño , Vista Alegre , Sancho , Backpacks, Mambrin or Bolero .

The truth is that for the Spanish windmills are part of the most typical prints we have in our country. But seeing the interest with which tourists visit the enclaves of La Mancha where there are mills is when you look at their really curious and attractive image.

Then I will indicate the three places that could be considered as more prominent, which I visited in my aforementioned trip to the Route of Don Quixote , and I suggest another couple of corners.

And I tell you that there are other places in La Mancha where you can see mills , such as Puerto Lápice or Madridejos , which I hope to visit in upcoming getaways.

Windmills Campo de Criptana

If there is a special place in La Mancha to see mills , that is, without a doubt, Campo de Criptana , in the province of Ciudad Real .

The reason? although in Campo de Criptana the mills extend over a hill, in this case they get mixed with the very bright white houses of the town that climb to the top of it.

In this way the so-called Barrio del Albaicín de Criptana , with steep streets of houses with white facades and indigo blue, climbs up to the top of the hill so that the set of houses and mills forms a scene with special charm.

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